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Project: Discover Bosnian

As part of the project, textbooks for Bosnian as a second/foreign language (A1-C1), a textbook for business Bosnian and two grammar books as well as textbooks for children will be published. All textbooks are designed in several languages (Bosnian/German/English) and there are efforts to translate the books into as many other foreign languages as possible. Follow us and find out which textbook will see the light of day next.

Seminars for native language teachers (Bosnian) in the diaspora

Meanwhile, many people with Bosnian roots live outside of our old homeland. They have found a new home elsewhere in the world, have integrated very well in their new environment and have become valuable citizens of this new society. However, culture, tradition and language, which are part of their identity, are not forgotten and shall be preserved, as the Bosnian language in particular is the link between everything.

In order to preserve the language as well as possible, it must be taught. It is very commendable that many schools for the Bosnian language were initiated by these people. However, such teaching in a multilingual society is anything but easy; unfortunately these teachers are often left to their own devices and do not have many opportunities to discuss concerns or teaching problems in a multilingual society, nor can they exchange experiences with teachers from other countries. Teaching your mother tongue abroad cannot be compared with teaching the Bosnian language in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and it is certainly not the same! Teachers in the diaspora face different challenges. We can understand them very well because we too have faced these problems. That is why we want to encourage people with our seminars and offer problem solutions. Our lecturers are professors who have dealt intensively with the Bosnian language abroad and will facilitate the teaching process in a multilingual society through our specially developed seminars. Through our seminars we offer you access to the latest methods from glotodidactics.

In addition, participating teachers will have the opportunity to brush up their knowledge in the field of Bosnian Studies and learn new things from renowned university professors from their former homeland in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Seminars for teachers who teach Bosnian as a foreign language

Even though the Bosnian language is taught as a foreign language at various educational institutions, universities and higher education institutions, there are only few opportunities for the teaching staff to continue their education in this field and freshen up their knowledge with updates on foreign language teaching. That is why we offer specially designed seminars for lecturers and people who teach Bosnian as a foreign language abroad. These seminars are taught exclusively by university professors who have been dealing with multilingualism for many years. These seminars can also be held online. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

"Bosniacum" summer school for children and youth in Vienna

We have developed this offer especially for children and young people.

In cooperation with other associations from Vienna, we are offering a highly interesting and interactive Bosnian language course in Vienna for two weeks in the summer. In addition to the Bosnian language, age-appropriate content on history, culture and tradition of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be conveyed. Children and young people will learn a lot of things in a playful way to improve their language skills for a visit to their old homeland so that nothing will inhibit conversations with relatives and friends 😊. Moreover, youngsters will also be able to make friendships with peers here in Vienna.

Through our summer school we try to make a positive contribution to identity formation in order to make the Bosnian language, culture and tradition of Bosnia-Herzegovina palatable to children and young people so they can be proud of this part of their identity and will preserve it.