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Project: Otkrij bosanski - Entdecke Bosnisch - Discover Bosnian

The project Otkrij bosanski - Discover Bosnian - Discover Bosnian was launched as the first of its kind to promote the Bosnian language in the diaspora and to publish high quality textbooks for the Bosnian language in a multilingual Community. The material is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages and also aims to offer further education and training opportunities for teachers and lecturers who deal with Bosnian as a second or foreign language.

As part of the project, textbooks for Bosnian as a second/foreign language (A1-C1), a textbook for Business Bosnian and two grammar books as well as textbooks for children will be published. All textbooks are multilingual (Bosnian/German/English) and there are efforts to translate them into as many other foreign languages as possible. Currently, talks are being held over translations of the first textbook Otkrij bosanski 1 into Slovenian, Danish, Hungarian, Italian and Turkish. The textbooks are suitable for people who grow up or live in a multilingual society and who use Bosnian not as their mother tongue but as a second language (for children and adults in the diaspora of Bosnian origin). Furthermore, the textbooks are designed for anyone who wants to study the Bosnian language or to learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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